How does it work?

The Hyundai Silver Copper Inline Sanitiser contains anodes and cathodes (positive pole and negative pole) made up of 99.9% pure silver, copper and titanium.

Silver has been known for centuries as an effective bacteria and virus killer. Some activated carbon filters for drinking water purification are impregnated with silver to prevent bacterial build-up. Silver is also used in drinking water treatment by airlines and passenger ships. NASA actually designed a silver ionisation system for its space program. Using silver ions to purify water was established at the John Hopkins University in the 1950’s and the Shell Oil Company also uses silver ionisers to purify drinking water on their oil tankers.

Copper is also now recognised as one of the best algae killers, and oxides and sulphates of copper are used in pesticides, algaecides and fungicides. Pool stores sell copper-based algaecide to kill black algae, the toughest of all.

Water is passed through a flow-cell chamber housing the anodes, which are fed a low-voltage DC current creating silver and copper ions which can sterilise at least 640 forms of bacteria including Legionella Pneumophila. The amount of ions introduced into the water is directly proportional to the current controlled by the microprocessor.

This unit requires little maintenance and draws a negligible amount of current. One advantage of copper and silver ionisation is that both substances are retained in trace amounts in the water and continue to have an antimicrobial effect over weeks and months. Even after the ionisation system has been switched off, the effect persists.

Many swimming pool users have silver & copper-based pool sanitation systems, which produce no odour or corrosion, no bleaching of clothing, and no formation of unwanted oxidising compounds.

Current popular methods of sterilising swimming pool water include chlorine, UV and ozone. However all of these methods have their drawbacks. Both UV and ozone work well when they are operating but they leave no residual when not in use, allowing bacteria to propagate freely. Chlorine on the other hand has a longer life in the pool but, as we are all too aware, the unfortunate taste and smell of a pool is a permanent ongoing side effect.

The low cost of maintaining the Hyundai Silver Copper Inline Sanitiser coupled with the benefits of silver ions purifying your swimming pool water make it the ultimate purification unit for safe and enjoyable swimming.

Some Technicals:
How Ions affect cell walls:

When copper and silver ions and nanoparticles are released into water, these cations (positively charged) are a potent microbicide. These ions bond with negatively charged areas on the microorganism’s cell walls, affecting the cell wall permeability and minimising the intake of life-sustaining nutrients.

Inside an algae cell, copper and silver attack sulphur-containing amino acid radicals in the proteins used for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis and reproductive processes are blocked, leading to cell lysis (disintegration) and death.

The greatest benefit of copper and silver is that they remain active in water, providing long-term residual, non-toxic protection against recontamination. They remain in water until they flocculate, or form masses with algae and bacteria and then become large enough to be removed by filtration.

The trace amounts of copper required for swimming pool purification and prevention of algae formation is between 0.5 and 0.7 milligrams per litre (mg/L), or parts per million (ppm). Test kits are readily available from most reputable pool shops to provide proper readings. The ioniser unit has a switch that can be adjusted to provide more or less copper ions as might be required. As the unit produces equal numbers of copper and silver ions, having correct readings of copper ions indicates that silver ion levels are also correct.


Section Specification

Control Box

Main Box Free voltage : AC 110~240V (50/60Hz)
SMPS(2.5A) Input : AC 110~240V, Out put : DC24V
Constant current controller Input : DC24V, Out Put : 350mA (MAX)
Panel Meter(Volt) In put : DC24V
Voltage control lever  
On-OFF switch 6A 250V
Main power Lamp 6V AC/DC
Operating Lamp 24V AC/DC
Housing Body STS 304
Electrode(pole) Silver Panel(99.99%) : 1.5T X 2EA
Copper Panel(99.99%) : 1.5T X 3EA
Titanium panel : 1.5T X 4EA
Flow Switch Micro Switch Type Flow Sensor