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Welcome to Pool SIS

The Pool SCIS system is a revolutionary new chemical free pool cleaning system that utilises cutting edge silver and copper ion purification technology to keep your pool as clean and free of bacteria as possible.

  1. Reduced chemical use!

  2. Low maintenance!

  3. 100% Safe!

For years people have had little choice but to use chlorine to keep their pools clean. This, despite the fact it smells bad, tastes bad and has been shown to release carcinogenic materials that can cause cancer.

The Pool SCIS system is the modern alternative to using chlorine as it cleans better than chlorine, removes bacteria and algae better than chlorine, has no offensive smells or tastes, and is completely safe for you and your family.

The Pool SCIS system works by utilising the natural cleansing properties of silver and copper. Silver has a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth, yet it is harmless to multi-cellular organisms. Copper’s natural ability is to prevent algae growth and is once again harmless in this ionic form. The Hyundai Silver Copper Inline Sanitiser, also known as an ioniser, promotes this effect by the use of electrolysis. This unit activates a silver solution (colloid) that destroys bacterial cells in the water by breaking down the bacteria's cell wall.

The Hyundai Silver Inline Sanitiser uses 99.9% pure silver. As silver is not accumulated in the human body you can be assured that this is the safest purification method around.

The Pool SCIS system is more economical in any number of ways than the traditional chlorine method. Significant cost reductions in chemicals, together with less time spent maintaining the pool, means you get to enjoy the benefits of the pool with your family. With just an occasional test to check on ion levels, you can in effect, just set and forget.

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